40 years ago Norman Macrae (my dad and The Economist's pro-youth economist) started curiculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution- what would be the first 3 billion new jobs of the net generation?
Bilion renew planet
Billion end poverty, renew family and community
Billion mobiliising superpapps - resolving 20th C missing infrasttructires, celebrating way above zero sum socialworldtrade - for example if an open source coder develops an app providing an audiotranslation of deaf and dumb why not celebrate this as a worldwide gain?

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This blog is a mash up mainly of 2 types of content. We used to invite people to co-blog by capital but it now seems simpler yo inv ite to share our open collaboration pro-youth spirit to co-blog on this worldwide stage text chris macrae at usa 240 316 8157 for more detail

We also wish to move over to an open education curriculum view of the world - so to start that off here is map 1 of our search for partnering universities accelerating entrepreneurial revolution through open education

Friday, August 23, 2013



Denmark's kaos pilots http://www.kaospilot.dk/ are one of the friends of dr yunus whose networks of sustainability and collaboration are unlike any other known to citizens outside Nordica
Ed note 2013 Kao could also seen to be an interesting benchmark if Obama's hunt for extreme value education was ever to go international

SIWI - Independent, Leading-Edge Water Competence for Future-Oriented Action

The Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) is a policy institute that contributes to international efforts to combat the world's escalating water crisis. SIWI advocates future-oriented, knowledge-integrated water views in decision making, nationally and internationally, that lead to sustainable use of the world’s water resources and sustainable development of societies.

Source: http://www.siwi.org

a knowledge centre of virtual water market decision-systems


sweden forms a first in world partnership with china on corporate social Responsibility - an invaluable site translating chinese process thinking for english readers http://csr2.mofcom.gov.cn/index.shtml

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