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Bilion renew planet
Billion end poverty, renew family and community
Billion mobiliising superpapps - resolving 20th C missing infrasttructires, celebrating way above zero sum socialworldtrade - for example if an open source coder develops an app providing an audiotranslation of deaf and dumb why not celebrate this as a worldwide gain?

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Friday, May 20, 2016

1 wanted to check patrice that i have your best email  - some notes first to world bank on regarding health community services people then about tech 

2 i would like to rehearse whether there is any way we can get even more action networking around kings conscious health/community services youth 

- i sort of include all 3 speakers from last monday weeks conscious capitalism -even if the returning citizens has an elder leader (arminarm kelvin) i believe amy and kings coding friend jayfus looks out for great coders from youth currently in prison - so  returing citizens needs intergenerational trust

- i believe for those in the baltimore area - being connected to rev al hathaway is optimal -in fact essential as a collaborative home space; since king works closely with al on egconscious  property- this everyday contact with al means king  also has breaking news on events, and service catalogues that batpist church in druid hill avenue  is community market space of - i assume he will find a good time for all conscious community service leaders to do a tour with al and see if there are some win-wins - is that how you see it king? --- less than 40 miles from druid we have the world's number 1 advocate of young professions engaging community health servants jim  kim at world bank - how many health SMEs networks do we need to cluster around al before he asks kim to drive-in?

-for those either international or deeply baltimore I would love to see at least one of you from (international and local) enter into mostofa's www.gycommunity.com competition ; mostofa's youth ambassador networks originally requested by nobel laureate muhhamd yunus are in their 10 th year of making local and global connections - so lets quickly make sure that baltimore is known through all his ambassadors as usa's best space to visit or partner first

This is a belief i have been working on connecting everywhere mostofa networks - so thise who belive that you of the 21st c will develop a learning economy more than a thing consumption/extraction economy can find out exciting news from mostofa on where next great learning opportunities to connect with china are- and if you look here you will find that kim's main focus too is linking us and china learning networks of health 

the competition process that mostofa is just launching  can gain free trip to dubai in noveber, good chance of up to 15000 dolars finding but also link you to 100 extraordinary youth and reciprocally you can then be an ambassador back to baltimore and dc-diaspora networks to africa

it is expected that mostofas competition process will have 4 cycles before a grand 2020 expo - which we are trying to make as much youth-centric as possible

in all of this i am relaying what i understand but it is best to question mostofa directly to check tghe small print

-mostofa could you reply so that people feel able to  discuss this directkly with you

criss-croiss opportunity- i first met king and ethiopian american tebabu about 3 years ago - so as well as linking every solution into baltimore -they are advicates of a global youth chapter of conscious capitalism and tebabu in particular is passionate about youth disapora networks which i believe is frances leading role - is that right frances? 


there is more:
I have tried to describe this process to new yorks best connecetd friend and code-mad searcher john kiehl and he will  similarly look out for early new york networks to get linked in with mostofa but so also with baltimore

and spencer at last weeks conscious capitalism is youths newest opportunity to connect with wonderful coding cases and understad who inthe 1776 hub leads the idea they also have of making baltimore the lab for all the deeepst solutions the whole baltimore-dc region needs if it is to sustain 20 million peoples smarterst livelihoods

john is  excited how timely al's big event in june is- namely opportunity to design the most relevant tech skils summer camp teenagers have ever seen- again king can give more context or correct me if i have misunderstood   

-please note any errors in reporting are entirely mine - what we need is to work out which of everything conscious is ready to go on cable tv as a world class jobs solution that all of baltimore wants to hall of fame - that i think is where amy can always tell you all more about chuck and sams dreams at jobenomics and emerald-planet tv- she already has responsibility for accelerating these dreams across eastern hemisphere , why should good jobs be the youth's most exciting tv news ever broadcast out of Baltimore Bangla China ( the new BBC as we will tease my london freinds next week)


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