40 years ago Norman Macrae (my dad and The Economist's pro-youth economist) started curiculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution- what would be the first 3 billion new jobs of the net generation?
Bilion renew planet
Billion end poverty, renew family and community
Billion mobiliising superpapps - resolving 20th C missing infrasttructires, celebrating way above zero sum socialworldtrade - for example if an open source coder develops an app providing an audiotranslation of deaf and dumb why not celebrate this as a worldwide gain?

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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Norman Macrae 40th year if searching for next billion jobs of renewing planet


when it comes to the greatest innovations on the planet , look to places and peopes with the most desperate need- note how the 8th largest nation bangladesh developed the solar-a-billion model for all thise not poorest deserved by elecriicty grid. Whilst nevile wiallims pioneered so;par forpoorest vilages at www.self.org, Dr Ynus innovated affirdable microlending

half of today's  world live om 1% of land within 3000 miles of Beijing;  Bangladesh needs Chinas as sustainable investent partner; China needs to celebrate Bangladesh as a lab where its natural to microfranchoise the most exciting partnership hunts for solutions connecting the most human of all collaboration movements

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